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Meditations and Capacities


Meditations and Capacities

Siddhis of Yoga are nonordinary capacities or faculties.
With certain techniques certain faculties correspond.
We will talk here about the approach of the five elements (or Mahabuthas), an approach among others, where the yogi will develop some of these psychic capacities.

The realization of some siddhis will thus result from a total control on the 5 mahabhutas (Tattwas).
This control is got by the knowledge of the techniques of pratyahara, dharana and dhyana (see Samyama), on the five elements which are:

Prithivi Earth
Apas (Jala) water
Agni fire
Vayu (pawan), air
Akasha (ether)

These specific capacities received by this type of meditation are:

1) ANIMATED: the capacity to make oneself as small as an atom
2) LAGHIMA: the capacity to make the body weightlessness
3) MAHIMA: power of increasing the size of the body at will
4) GARIMA: the capacity to make the body immensely heavy
5) PRAPTI: to develop the capacity of going everywhere
6) PRAKAMYA: attainment of every wish without obstacles
7) VASHITWA: the power to control the organic and inorganic objects
8) ISHITVA: the capacity to destroy at will

With those is added the attainment of the body perfection and perfect health.

Progressive levels of dhyana on the various aspects of these elements are necessary.
These aspects are their gross, real, subtle, universal and fundamental

“Tato animated-àdi-pràdurbhàva kàya-sampat tad-dharma-anabhighàtash cha”

ref.: Vibhuti Pada verse 46 “The Yoga Sutras" of Patanjali

hari om tat sat

Summary by Jaya in meditation course 2nd level 14/12/2009


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